POC Management is a multi-family office that offers its demanding, wealthy clients a comprehensive service with network partners worldwide. POC Management always acts as an independent partner. This allows us to avoid conflicts of interest.


Christoph Portmann

… has 22 years of experience in looking after and advising international clients. At Schroders, he headed the Central and Eastern European team and was formerly in charge of the derivatives and structured products sales team at Bank Vontobel, before moving to private banking in 1997. Christoph Portmann is a trained banker and successfully completed the Swiss Banking School in 2000. Today he is chairman of the board and delegate of Lakeshore International Management in Lucerne and member of the board of various Swiss companies. Since 2000, he has also been on the Board of Trustees of the Pension Fund of the City of Lucerne. From 1996-2006 he also worked as a municipal council and cantonal council in Lucerne.


POC Management is responsive to the complex needs of their customers and cares for them comprehensively. On the one hand, we manage assets with traditional asset management. In general, we are the contact person of our clientele to banks, trustees, lawyers, doctors, estate agents and other individual service providers. If necessary, we also draw expert staff who speak the native language of our clients.

POC Management

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